Puzzle Cats is looking for a talented game designer to help build new games and bring life changing experiences to millions of players worldwide! Primary duties will include designing and implementing game content, working with other parts of the team to follow up on implementation details, and maintaining recurring content. The ideal candidate will have proven experience in game design, outstanding people skills, and a strong understanding of different player types.


  • Lead communication between data insight, business, and development groups on a variety of design projects.
  • Design, implement, and iterate on design problems relating to things like game mechanics, rewards, game modes, ranked systems, monetization, and/or social systems.
  • Provide clear written and verbal direction regarding design goals for the aforementioned systems.
  • Research and pitch new game ideas in a clear and concise fashion to other designers or executive leadership.


  • Must have experience on a shipped product
  • Experience designing simple to understand yet still deep gameplay
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze game systems for their strengths and weakness
  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Self-starter with strong initiative and self-motivation
  • Absolute passion for playing and making computer games
  • A strong understanding of all player types